self taught young female photographer residing in the great city of new york, however...see's the world through my lens of creativity. I love to travel and I live my life...

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Photo by: Neef Fresh Photography (c)
we love our curvy girls <3
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Model: Kali
Location: New York
styling/makeup: Neef Fresh

Neef Fresh Photography (c)
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Model: Sherae
Styling & Makeup by: Neef Fresh

Neef Fresh Photography (c)
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Styling & Makeup Also By Neef Fresh

Hey, I love your blog. Could you tell me the brand of the pink, yellow, and orange bathing suit? It's soooo cute!

thank you :)

and it’s by @kokodnyc 


not a question, just wanted to say i absolutely love your photography.. i can't even find the perfect word to describe your talent.. love from jersey xx

I really appreciate it love 



So happy I've found you on here as I used to follow you from MySpace days lol. What you do is amazing, always loved your work :) Keep it up always ♥ #teamneeffresh

thank you <3


Neef Fresh Photography - NEEFFRESH.TUMBLR.COM
Algerian Beauty &lt;3
Model: Hania F.
Makeup/Styling by: Neef Fresh
Location: London, UK

Neef Fresh Photography - NEEFFRESH.TUMBLR.COM
Model: Tarcha P.
Makeup, Hair &amp; Wardrobe Styling By: Neef Fresh
Location: London, UK

I just found your blog and I'm like "wow!!! This is beauty". I love your work. Its so beautiful and inspiring. Keep it up.

I appreciate your message. I’m really happy you like my work :) It’s invigorating so to speak to see so many admire my art. <3 


I love the aestethic you create! I can see one of your pictures and say wow, thats so NeefFresh and it is! Have you every directed any photography for film?

Thank you, I really appreciate your message :)

I haven’t ever directed any photography for film, but I always wondered what the “director of photography”s in movies, actual position consist of.


I absolutely love your blog! I am studying photography at LIU in Brooklyn NY and I was wondering if you would accept internships or job shadowing. Please let me know. Thank you!

Thank you!

at the moment I am not offering internships or shadowing/assisting positions, however if I am ever considering, you will definitely know about it. <3


80’s Inspired &lt;3
Ana R., Photographed by Neef Fresh Photography
Makeup &amp; Styling Also By Neef Fresh
Clothing designs: Kira Nacole

Tarsha, Photographed By Neef Fresh
Location: London, England
Makeup, Hair &amp; Wardrobe Styling also by Neef Fresh

Ana R, Photographed By Neef Fresh Photography
Makeup &amp; Styling also by Neef Fresh

Elizabeth, Photographed By Neef Fresh Photography
Styling, Makeup &amp; Hair Also by Neef Fresh